Tournament Information

Tournament Director: David McCoy  


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One-Day Tournament, $200 entry per boat/team
Two-angler team, pick your partner
4 Bass Limit, total weight

Location / Weigh-in
Grand Lake in Oklahoma, Wolf Creek Grove City Ramp
NOTE: The boat ramps at Wolf Creek will be open for unloading and loading of boats. 

Official Check-In and Registration will be held Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 at the Days Inn (formerly Stonebrook Inn) between 9 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Tournament flight numbers and start times will be assigned by order of entries received. Each team will get their flight number at check-in/registration. At least one member of each team is required to check in during the registration process

We will accept entries until registration is closed

Tournament Day
Sunday, October 13, 2019. Fishing Times are designated by flight number and listed below

Tournament results and photos will be available on this website after the event is over.

Each paid entry (team) of $200 will receive 2 Wohali fishing rods and a chance to win one of the following prizes

Arctic Cat Side by Side vehicle with Trailer 

2 - Garmin Live Scope fishing locators

2 Conservation prizes, $1000.00 each

NOTE: Once an individual wins a drawing, that individual is no longer eligible to win any other drawings. All teams are eligible to win the grand prize no matter if a team member wins another drawing or how the team places in the tournament. Must be present to win.

Prize Drawings: In effort to get everyone on their way home as soon as possible, this year we will draw for prizes while you are fishing. At the weigh-in, we will have a whiteboard with a list of winning tickets at a table with tournament staff members. If you see your drawing ticket number listed, show your ticket to a staff member and they will pull your prize. Prior to drawing tickets, we will arrange prizes from the most value to the least value, then we will draw tickets and assign those to prizes accordingly.  

Weather: Due to the honor-start format of the tournament, we have no control on delaying the start times. If the weather gets bad, use your best judgment and fish at your own risk.

Check-In: DO NOT BE LATE! You will be disqualified if you are one second or more later than your assigned check-in time. Check in on the water or at the parking lot at Grove City Ramp in Wolf Creek.

[ESTIMATED] Flights and Start/Check-In Times (CT)
Please note, this is subject to change.

Flight Number Flight Color Start Fishing Time Check-In Time
Green 7:00 AM 2:00 PM
2 Orange 7:15 AM 2:15 PM
3 White 7:30 AM 2:30 PM
4 Pink 7:45 AM 2:45 PM

You will get your flight number at Check-In/Registration. Please make sure your flagging tape (green, orange, yellow or pink) is tied to your trolling motor and visible at a distance.

Must Be Present to Win: To win a prize drawing, at least one team member must be present at the weigh-in; both members do not need to be present. If a team member has to leave early, make sure the person that stays has all of the tickets. We will redraw for prizes from the regular drawing that are not claimed before the grand prize drawing.

Trailering to the Weigh-In: If you decide to trailer to the weigh-in to weigh your fish, we will have tournament staff located on the road before the parking lot. After they check you in, you can then park. Weigh bags will be provided, do not use your own.


Two Free Fishing Rods Per Paid Entry/Team: 
Each paid entry/team will receive two free Wohali fishing rods. Rods will be given at the Check-in/Registration process